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Edison Lighthouse - Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) 

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I had a customer today who gave me $2 in pennies today and spent over 10 minutes counting and recounting while her teenage daughter looked on in horror. Bitch, do I look like a fucking Coinstar to you? You had your debit card on you for the rest of your transaction. You didn’t have to unload $2 in FUCKING PENNIES just because you think you’re the goddamn queen of the universe and I’m just a lowly cashier to you.

Shame on you. You’re setting a terrible example for your daughter, who will probably have to work in retail at some point and deal with assholes like you. It’s pretty sad that you intended to piss me off, which I became aware of the minute my infinite guise of patience started to bother you. When I told you that “when you spend ten years in retail, nothing bothers you anymore. It’s no big thing, y’know what I mean?” I was serious. I might be immune to your shitty behavior, but that doesn’t make it acceptable.


arguably my best vine ever

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California Youth, 1951 © Loomis Dean

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Sparks- Angst In My Pants

Answer so no one knows
What you just said
But when you’re all alone
You and your head


Paul 1980

Parking meter, Paris, 1960s

Sleeping girls at Woodstock