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Keilauren de Vries, Nymphet, 2014. Acrylic on various fabrics.
This artwork comprises of 5 paintings I did, each a meter wide. I stretched the canvases myself with different types of fabrics and painted on them while keeping the fabric raw. (^,^)
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dream police // cheap trick

the dream police, they live inside of my head
the dream police, they come to me in my bed
the dream police, they’re coming to arrest me

One of my fave early Cheap Trick songs

One of my favourite Cheap Trick songs.

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Fleetwood Mac, Rumours Tour, 1977.

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I never realized how graceful I was until I had a kitten climbing my leg 24/7.

We can do it


1955 guest bedroom from Living for Young Homemakers

Sucks if pink’s not your colour.

John Lennon listening to a 45”

*7” 45-rpm single. Not 45”.


The only reason were searching for life on Mars is because Bowie kept asking if it was there and NASA finally got annoyed and allowed him to fund all the Mars explorations. True story.

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Sixties bikini fashion 

leprechaunbarony said: We’ve pretty much given up in my store. It’s heartening to see people that still care.

When we finally got a security guard, it was like Christmas morning. Over the past few weeks I’ve heard stories about shoplifters getting busted and arrested but since I (mostly) work behind the scenes now, I don’t get to see it. But today was my lucky day.

Our store shares large amounts of our profits with local nonprofits that help people in need (the blind, mentally/physically disabled or handicapped, foster kids who need mentoring/foster families, etc.) so every time these scumbags steal, they’re stealing from the people our company helps.

They’re also cutting into the prospect of my goddamn bonus, so I get double the pleasure out of knowing these assholes are getting destroyed.

I just saw some loser get apprehended for shoplifting in my store. A couple of my coworkers and I made fun of the shithead (loudly) while he was sitting there getting his ass handed to him. It was beautiful. Stupid fucker.