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Mickey and Minnie Mouse in “Ye Olden Days” (1933)


The Beatles - Fixing a Hole

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Strolling through Hollywood c.1936 

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thegroovyarchives asked: The Nightfly is one of my ALL TIME favorite albums;Kamikiriad, Morph the Cat & Sunken Condos are good, too, but not like The Nightfly. Walter Becker has two solo albums; 1994's 11 Tracks of Whack, and 2008's Circus Money...I haven't really head them, I just know they exist!

Thank you! ♥

thegroovyarchives asked: Are you a fan of solo Steely Dan music? (Like Donald Fagen/Walter Becker?)

Donald’s “The Nightfly” has seen my phonograph many times, but I wasn’t aware that Walter had any solo material out there. Has Walter carried through with the signature Steely Dan sound in his solo music, or has he created a completely different flavor all together? x

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When someone says they don’t like Steely Dan (or don’t know who they are)


Joni Mitchell in 1971

I love her coat, stockings, shoes. Hanging with Ringo A Hard Days Night 1964


Can’t You Hear Me Knocking || The Rolling Stones

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