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We need to settle this.

Who was more beautiful: Russell Mael or Marc Bolan?

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  1. overlooking-the-ocean answered: Bolan. Bolan was straight up /adorable/.
  2. gretabowie answered: Russell *_*
  3. bri-rexx answered: marc bolan, of course.
  4. crescenddoll answered: marc bolan
  5. all-i-do-now-is-duck-around answered: Russell, deffo
  6. courtneyohearn said: Mael has spark, but Bolan is T-Rexcellent….
  7. nucd answered: Marc Bolan
  8. riding-sorceress answered: errrr, Marc Bolan, OF COURSE ;)
  9. prowlers-sanctuary answered: Marc Bolan all the way! :3
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