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For some reason I couldn’t stop listening to this last night. And, really, if it doesn’t make you feel like singing along, writing an epic love song, or just going on a really long 80s binge, you might have to check for a pulse.

My sister reminded me today of what an excellent song this is. I’d almost forgotten about it up til now, but only I had the pleasure of redirecting her to the German version of this long-forgotten hit.

My entire world comes to a halt when I hear this song. Wherever I am, and whatever I’m doing, I need to stop and listen. Then I remember what I love in this life.

Another rare recording I uploaded some time ago. This is Sparks’ “A Trying Day”. It is believed to date back to 1979 or 1980. It’s a pleasant little song.

"There’s nobody in the future, so baby, let me hand you my love."

I’ll never tire of this wonderful song. Killer guitar, too.

Oh lord. Look how amazing he is.

I Predict…

…that no other Sparks-entry will ever be as epic as this. Ron Mael is awesome.



idk i just think this is the best thing

also i fail at optimization

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This is just a picture of pure beauty.


Now that’s a party I’d like to attend
Boy George was quite beautiful in his time. Golly.

Boy George
The bros of my dreams.

There is definitely nothing better than the Mael brothers
Not only is she beautiful, but the colours are so striking. I just can’t look away.
A few weeks ago I happened to catch “Pretty in Pink” on tv. I was reminded of two things: how the film always makes me cry, and that my ex still has my entire film collection - and refuses to return it.
Bowie & kitty.
This is what love is made of.
I love these men.

Poor Ric’s gotta bend down to give tiny David a hug. XD
I love this picture so much, for a variety of reasons, but mainly, my heart exploded from love for David’s ABBA button. ‘Cause I have one (in a whole bunch) just like that. And it’s like two things I love in this world (The Cars, ABBA) coming together in the same photograph for super-excellence.