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Anonymous asked: which Rolling Stones member would you most want to make babies with?

Brian Jones. Man, was he ever lovely.

"Young, virile Keith voted No. 9 most handsome star of 1965 by Esther Chamberlain."
"Charlie Watts [….] Great interest in horses (see facial structure at close range) [….] NOT on list of most handsome stars of 1965."
What have you got there, Brian? Is it a portable cartridge cassette player?

David Bowie and Lulu

It appears David is wearing a shirt with Brian Jones’ face on it, and some kind of shorts/capris or a dress or something. Whatever they are, he’s cute, she’s cute, and I’m dying of cute.
Brian is too cute to punish. ;_;

aww lovely smile

LOL does he have a picture of himself in a frame?! 

… Goddamn it, Brian.
Who let you out of the bedroom?

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