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David Bowie

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David Bowie, 1967

David Bowie outside BBC Television Centre in 1965

Be My Wife by David Bowie

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David Bowie, 1971. So much to love: the hair, the buckle shoes, the dragonfly….

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Bowie reading… 

” … David sits on the floor and avoid eye contact with John, drawing in a notebook. I tookthat as a sign to start asking John Lennon at least 100 questions to ask a Beatle, for example 'How I raised the guitar chords at the beginning of” A Hard Day’s Night”?’, He replied that and we talked for hours … while David kept drawing. Until finally John said’see what you are drawing.” They were portraits of John. John also sat on the floor, tooka notebook and began to draw to David. They finally broke the ice.” 
-Tony Visconti

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