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Roger makes a pretty woman. ;D

I want to break free!

Look at those legs!


FREDDIE MERCURYlead vocals, keyboards, composer and lyricist.
Date of birth: September 5, 1946Place of Birth: ZanzibarHeight: 5ft 9Weight: 8 1/2 stoneColour of Hair: BlackColour of Eyes: BrownEducation: Mostly in India. Later at Ealing School of Art as qualified illustrator and graphic designer. Favourite Colour: BlackFavourite Album: Imagine (John Lennon)Favourite Books: One’s by Beatrice PotterFavourite Writers: Beatrice Potter and Richard DaddFavourite films: Mae West moviesFavourite Actor: NoneFavourite Actress: Liza MinelliFavourite Country: JapanFavourite Food: Spare ribs with onion sauce Favourite Drink: ChampagneMarried/Single: SingleOther Occupations: Illustrator and graphic designer 
Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury, and Brian May at dinner.

Classic outfit , just wonderful.

This is how I prefer to remember Freddie.

"I don’t know, I don’t think there’s a better songwriter than me these days, except perhaps Freddie Mercury."

- Roger Waters (via moreofthatjazz)

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Happy 62nd birthday to Queen drummer, Roger Taylor!

just looking at this makes me emotional


“Running over the same old ground,
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.”

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