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Russell Mael is a strikingly beautiful man, and always will be.

fuckyeahvintage-retro: LA 1960s



Sparks in 1976 at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles. This was one of my first photo sessions. They lived in L.A. and were massive all over the UK and Europe. 
Photo by Brad Elterman


omggggggggg I live a few blocks away from here! That stand is actually now a hat stand and behind them is now a walkway to The Grove. Unless this image has been flipped, which means that stand could be the awkward stand where you get your hair straightened in the middle of tourists watching, and behind them is the pathway to a Johnny Rockets.

gaaaahhh. I love seeing pictures of these angels on my dash when I’m not busy spamming up with them myself. ♥

Ron & Russ Mael of Sparks' new film


Ron and Russ’s new film “The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman” has its world premiere in LA

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Three youths hitchhiking on the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, Calif., 1966
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LA 1970s

LA 1958

LA 1937


In 1953, smog gets so bad in the shadow of City Hall that pedestrians carry rags to wipe away tears. Scientists began collecting smog particles in the 1950s to analyze what was causing the haze. The primary culprit turns out to be automobiles, not factories.
Photo: City Hall, merely across the street, is dim as Marion E. Lent gropes her way to work. Credit: R.L. Oliver / Los Angeles Times
Our Vintage Times series is presented on Tumblr with photography from the Los Angeles Times archives.

My parents were telling me about when they were kids, they’d get the day off school when the smog was too bad, and everyone was ordered to stay inside. Even on “clear” days if they ran or played for too long their lungs would ache.

This is from the LA Times crossword two days ago. Sadly, the correct answer was armhole.

Dollar Day in Los Angeles c.1933

Louis Fleckenstein, Play of Light, Los Angeles, 1912

Eric Burdon, At home in Los Angeles, CA, 1968
Baron Wolman

Eddie Money and Cher billboards on Sunset Strip, 1979.