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So this is my first photo-post. I absolutely adore Marc Bolan, but I love it even more when I stumble upon a beautiful photo of him that’s in need of some serious digital restoration. This is what I do when I’m bored. Behold.
Another restored photo from my collection. This is Marc Bolan. Isn’t he a delight? This world misses him. On the left: old photo; on the right: bright, beautiful restoration.
Still the loveliest borrowed angel earth ever laid eyes on.
Why not post another fox today? I’d restore this photo, but I like it just the way it is.
And here is an absolutely angelic photo of the late and lovely Marc Bolan. What a little cutie!

Two more things in this world I love with all the girlish squealing in my little heart. A very young Marc Bolan and a cute little baby kitty!
Something about Marc Bolan’s smile puts so much love in my heart that I almost want to cry out of pure delight and adoration every time I see a picture with its magnificent gleam. This photo in particular has a brighter glow than a thousand suns, and more childlike life than a playground.

How wonderful it is that Marc spent some time on this earth. How I wish I could have lived during the time when he had such a command over the music business, and such a hold over the young fanbase that loved him ever so dearly. You know what, just look at this photo. And feel the love.
Excuse me while I die of girlish squealing and utter heartache over how beautiful he is.
I’ve made up my mind, world. I’m hopelessly in love with Marc Bolan, for life.

Marc Bolan, photographed by Koh Hasebe.
I will never tire of this man’s beautiful face.
All together: *deep girly sigh*
I want Marc’s shoes! He’s absolutely darling in this picture.

I posted a lot of Santa-Bolans, but not this one….
(thanks jitterbuglove!)
Cheers, beautiful.
This is such an adorable little still. Look at that face! That is a face of cuteness.