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Marc Bolan haunts my soul.


Marc Bolan, 1965

beautiful musicians I’d like to get drunk, laugh, talk, chill, and have sex with (in the event of spontaneous or deliberate time travel ability)  but not necessarily in that order, without forgoing any piece of that list at hand -

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Rock Star WAGs - June Child with Marc Bolan

Anonymous asked: I spent my work day diving into The Sparks and finally put two and two together of where you got your url from. lol After listening to them pretty much the whole day, I think Russell and Marc Bolan would make a pretty sweet duet.

Fabulous! It sounds like you had a terrific day.

I’ve read somewhere that Russell was a fan of Marc (particularly in his Tyrannosaurus Rex days, before T. Rex went glam) but they would have sounded  (and looked) so heavenly together.

I know you’re out there!

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Calling all groovy people …

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I’d love to have a drink with Marc.