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Mickey Finn is so beautiful. My word, what he could have done for his appearance if he wouldn’t have drank so much toward the end of his life. Those bright eyes would someday be so dull. And then there’s Marc. You know, these two were just amazing together. <3
So, ….. I just thought of this. I’m really high right now, and it’s the most hilarious idea I’ve ever had. I hope it sizes decently.

maybe a repeat

If there’s some kind of afterworld, these two are still so close. I’m sure of it.
Borrowed angels, the both of them….!
Marc helping Mickey with a little bit of make-up. My heart melted when I saw this. Oh my word.
Mickey Finn and his incredible hands.
Who could ever tire of these beauties?
And Mickey’s like “Soooo, Marc …. when can I get a picture in?”
I think he’s holding a camera anyway.
Cute cute cute. I love these boys almost more than Sparks.

"Failure was the worst thing for Marc [Bolan]. It was taboo. But the ironic thing is that he didn’t fail. He’s there in the records. He was a big part of many people’s lives. He would have been in his glory today. He probably is."

- Mickey Finn (T.Rex)

(Source:, via diamond-star-halo)

And now for the daily Marc fix.
Angels. ♥
Marc is small. ♥
Beautiful. ♥