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I can’t help but wonder where their feet are touching…

where do you think, Chels? xD

Tommy’s rubbing Nikki’s cock with his. xD 

well duh! xD Nikki’s totally arching into it, don’t you see? xD

Not like anyone noticed Mick’s arm and Vince’s thigh…

I love this way too much. Except Vince looks really awkward.
No argument.

"Nothing can prepare us for loss, death, and heartbreak. There is no amount of anything that can make it better. We don’t own time so we can’t fast forward it or ask it to come back later when the timing is right…so we ache at our core. We cry and sometimes even scream out in horror of it all."


-Nikki Sixx. This Is Gonna Hurt

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"Once a year, ‘People Magazine’ puts out a list of the one hundred most beautiful people. I could hurl at this public display of deception. Makes me sick to think that millions of teenagers and young adults are being lured into believing that some made-up list is the standard for beauty and success."

- Nikki Sixx (via marsneedswomen)

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I started to put my Leica away as i looked up and caught this moment.
Leica M9,90mm
©Nikki Sixx

Mr Mick Mars ladies and gents

Jesus Christ, Nikki. What the hell, bro. What the hell.

Nikki Sixx

He was gorgeous. Damn.
Oh my god.