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This is just a picture of pure beauty.


Now that’s a party I’d like to attend
This is the most beautiful photo I have ever seen of Ric Ocasek. Ever.
Spotted this on the Rivers Cuomo page on Facebook earlier this afternoon. There he is, with one of my heroes, Ric Ocasek.
I love these men.

Poor Ric’s gotta bend down to give tiny David a hug. XD
I love this picture so much, for a variety of reasons, but mainly, my heart exploded from love for David’s ABBA button. ‘Cause I have one (in a whole bunch) just like that. And it’s like two things I love in this world (The Cars, ABBA) coming together in the same photograph for super-excellence.
His eyes are so fucking beautiful. Dear god.

Ric OcasekTrouser Press magazineFebruary 1983 (USA) 

A friend and I are currently in a heated debate over The Cars, specifically Ric Ocasek. I still say the man is a pop songwriting master, and he almost single-handedly made simple, catchy rock ‘n roll cool again. Seriously, gimme the first Cars album any day and I’m happy. My friend, however, says the band is obnoxious, their hooks are corny, and Ocasek’s voice is “dopey.” I doubt we’ll ever agree on the music.
 … one thing we do agree on? He’s the goofiest looking lead singer ever.

Posts like this make my day. I’ve loved Ric (and the Cars) since I was a little girl, but that first album is a masterpiece. It was such a big deal during the time, especially with its follow-up, “Candy-O” (1979). They weren’t deeply loved by Europeans at the time, but they caught on in the states like crazy. A lot of people I’ve known have found “Panorama” (1980) to be a terrible record but it’s probably my favourite of the entire catalogue, for how unusual (and seemingly drug-driven) the whole thing is. I also really loved the odd tracks from “Shake it Up” (1982) more than the popular tracks (such as, the title track, for instance).
I guess with any band, you either “get” them, or you don’t.
However (and it may be me just fangirling like usual) I adore Ric Ocasek. He is (not so much now as when he was young) a tall, emaciated fox. So beautiful.
Carry on.

Ric Ocasek delights me. Here’s the video for “True to You”.


emotion is motion.

So beautiful.

Ric Ocasek.

My hero.

<3 <3 <3

These are the foxes of my dreams.
More fun with colours.
Ric Ocasek.
He’s so lovely.


Ric Ocasek - Emotion in Motion

I’d hold on to you
Til the stars no longer wink
I’d hold on to you
Til you figure out
Just what to think