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Here’s another one of my restorations. And, because Tumblr just hasn’t seen enough of the bros Mael. Top: black and white; bottom: colour edit.

Very cool to see the video I uploaded last night be circulated on Tumblr within hours. And since this page is mainly about Sparkin’, let there be Sparks! It’s almost ‘Equator Day’ anyway. ;D


A weird/great live Sparks performance of “Equator” from 1976.

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I’ve got one of these framed in the bedroom.

Sparks (Ron and Russell Mael)

Another rare recording I uploaded some time ago. This is Sparks’ “A Trying Day”. It is believed to date back to 1979 or 1980. It’s a pleasant little song.

I restored this photo once. I can’t tell if this is my restoration, but I’m pretty sure it is, as I recall their outfits being white. I painted them blue. ;D
Russell Mael is a strikingly beautiful man, and always will be.
Let’s have some Sparks. A delightful photo of beautiful Russell will do the trick.
Let’s do some more Sparks. You’ll never see another copy of this in colour, and yes, this is my original restoration. You’re welcome.
And, Lady said, “let there be Sparks”. Here’s one of my restorations. Love it up.
The bros of my dreams.

There is definitely nothing better than the Mael brothers

Glorious gif.


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This is an older project of mine. Beautiful Russell Mael.
Another silly one. Russell is devastated over what Ron has done with his cookies. I can’t remember where I got these stills from. Forgive me. This is just cute (and old) and I have a place to put it now.

Mmmmm. With thighs like that, how can you NOT pay attention? Christ, what a beautiful man.


Get in the Swing - Sparks

For those of you who have NEVER HEARD OF THEM, watch this. Pay ALOT of attention to the Keyboardist and the Singer.

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The foxes.