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Oh, Syd. You were a mad wonder of terrific beauty.

Folks diggin’ Syd and his kitties! Here’s another, luvs! Syd and his kitten in the garden.. 

Syd is cute. Kitties are cute. This is just a cute overload.
Syd had such an adorable nose.
I really wish my ex didn’t look so much like Syd, because I feel gently uncomfortable when I have these “drooling over the beauty of Syd Barrett” moments. Damn you, why’d you have to ruin it for me? Sigh.
Let the drooling commence anyway, I say.


Conclusion: This book does not approve of Rick, seeing how there’s only one portrait of him.

I hate you too book.

The book could simply not hold all of Rick’s beauty.

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"Syd found three objects which he sat and stared at for twelve hours: an orange, a plum and a matchbox. The plum became the planet Venus and the orange was Jupiter. Syd traveled between them in outer space. His trip came to an abrupt end when Imo, feeling hungry, ate Venus in one bite. ‘You should have seen Syd’s face. He was in total shock for a few seconds, then he just grinned.’ From then on acid became Syd’s drug of choice."

- Syd Barrett’s first acid trip. From Hippie by Barry Miles (via annaleaelizabeth)

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There are not words. *swoon*
Hahahahaha, ROGER’S FACE!!
I just really love this.
I love these boys.
…Dear lord, Syd…
This is just all kinds of cute.
Syd’s face, and Roger’s glasses & shoes. ♥