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Last night I changed someone’s life.

By introducing them to Pink Floyd’s classic album “The Wall”. I feel like I’ve carried out my life’s mission.

Oh Roger Waters.


Roger Waters is (or could easily be understood to be) so full of himself, really. I think that’s why I love him.


Roger Waters Advice Meme never fails to amuse me.

I love this.

Thought for today.

Yesterday I downloaded Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” (so I could go mobile, ‘cause you know, vinyl isn’t very portable) and later on in the evening I pictured Roger Waters beating down my door for being a pirating shit. I’m pretty sure I’d faint.

Pink Floyd - "The Wall" review/analysis.

I wrote this for one of the web’s finest rock forums. Check it out.


I remember the first time I listened to The Wall. I was pretty much just sitting there in shock and awe and thinking, “What is this beautiful wizardry that I have happened upon?”

I cried. No joke.

♥ this made my day. thank you.
I love this film.