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This is actually frighteningly accurate.

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What to Do When There’s No Food by George Harrison


In life, there will be moments without food. This horrible tragedy affects people everywhere, but mostly me. It typically occurs when 

a) I already ate all the food


b) Someone else decided to eat some (WTF, who does that)

If this happens to you, try not to panic. Immediately dispatch someone to fetch you some food and distract yourself as best you can with other activities:

Polish your guitar

Tune your guitar

Now tune your acoustic

Re-tune your guitar, bitch hurry up I’m starving here

If the situation becomes critical, you may have to resort to eating non-food:

Such as bits of paper

Or cymbals (not recommended, trust me on this)

When your rescue food finally arrives:

Ahhhh. That’s better.

Optionally: as a thank-you, you can pose sexily with your food.

When you’re on your period and you finally stand up..


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my hobbies include listening to the same album on repeat and being a bitter asshole

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