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"Syd found three objects which he sat and stared at for twelve hours: an orange, a plum and a matchbox. The plum became the planet Venus and the orange was Jupiter. Syd traveled between them in outer space. His trip came to an abrupt end when Imo, feeling hungry, ate Venus in one bite. ‘You should have seen Syd’s face. He was in total shock for a few seconds, then he just grinned.’ From then on acid became Syd’s drug of choice."

- Syd Barrett’s first acid trip. From Hippie by Barry Miles (via annaleaelizabeth)

(Source: dem0ndazee, via la-wasteland)


LSD: Trip or Trap?

After we read “The Things We Carried” in English class we were told to do a project. We had to find a picture, write a poem, and do something else that I can’t remember. I wrote the poem about not wanting to go to war. The picture was this picture and my English teacher just said “okay then!” 

Well done!
…I’m suddenly thirsty.

acid on film