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I realized the following today.

I’m sure I’ve been addicted to music my whole life when birds chattering outside sound like a cassette deck dysfunction and it evokes brief feelings of panic and disturbance. But, had I never valued music half this much, I wouldn’t have these bizarre thoughts for my own amusement.


Smoking. Be the slave of tobacco.
this kind of makes me want to start smoking again…

They should have made the kid look old and nasty, like smokers in their 30s.

Fact: Cigarettes should be illegal. Nicotine is a cruel mistress that kills millions of people every year. Has anyone ever died from smoking too much pot (apart from all possibilities of stupid behavior while under the influence)?

Get your shit together, America.

Have you heard of this game? It’s called “Real Life”. (Why Gamers Irritate Me)

Gaming. It’s a common hobby and pasttime of many of us (including myself, before my sight started really going downhill). When does a hobby turn into a full-on obsession? Furthermore, why are some of the more obsessed gamers so irritating? 

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Morphine Addict, 1930 Bettmann

I went the entire day without a drop of caffeinated beverage. By the time I stumbled out of work I was totally frazzled, spaced-out, unable to form proper sentences, and my head was pounding/spinning terribly. When I got home I immediately guzzled down some liquid energy and now I feel so much better.

I’m kind of addicted.