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Oh my god, it’s so adorable. I think I just nerdgasm’d.
I’ve always wanted a bicycle like this. That retro charm just makes me sigh.
I am in love with this magnificently tacky thing. Where can I get one? So sexy.
I want one of these.
Cutie cuuuuuute dresser/vanity/desk things.

Proper ’60s

So cute. I want one. ♥

Bonnet ca. 1804-1815 via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

It looks like a lampshade, but I kind of want one.
Oh lord. I want one. ♥
I found this in a museum a few years ago. It’s the Junior Jigsaw.
I want to hold it.
This must be what heaven would look like if it existed. Also, is that San Francisco?


Weegee / “Martian Woman on the Telephone” circa 1955 [***]


“The only Authentic Beatle Wig” shown at left came out in the mid 1960’s and was manufactured by the Lowell Toy Mfg. Corp. of Bronx, NY.