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So this is my first photo-post. I absolutely adore Marc Bolan, but I love it even more when I stumble upon a beautiful photo of him that’s in need of some serious digital restoration. This is what I do when I’m bored. Behold.
Here’s another one of my restorations. And, because Tumblr just hasn’t seen enough of the bros Mael. Top: black and white; bottom: colour edit.
Another restored photo from my collection. This is Marc Bolan. Isn’t he a delight? This world misses him. On the left: old photo; on the right: bright, beautiful restoration.

Floating in a sea of vinyl.

I want to drown in it.
Well, if this isn’t adorable, I don’t know WHAT is.
"Little girls love Russell. They reach out and gaze."
I think I pinched this from a scan of a Melody Maker mag from the late 70s, restored two pictures, and put it all together with a little bit of pink. You’re damned right they love him. ;D

British invasion.
This is what we were all thinking anyway.
This is tripping me out.
I can’t tell if this is a painting or a photograph. The colours are just crazy looking. Marc’s eyes are like lime lazers.
This is a comic my sister (age 17) drew about a year ago.
Here’s her original caption:

Some Sparks fanart.Ron Mael loves his moustache; but one day he  decides to shave it. He tries to shave it, and *poof*, it’s back.  Russell is in the background and he sees this while carrying a basket of  laundry, and he drops it and flails his arms in surprise.

”In the name of like, the moon and stuff, I’m gonna like punish all evil or something. meh-heh-heh.” - Sailor Beavis

This. Is. Awesome.


gosh I love this sketch of mine, it might be my favorite. I drew it so small though…

This is so beautiful? Did you do this digitally or traditionally? Your style is so amazing…

This. Is terrific. How could I not reblog? Wonderful artwork. ♥


unfinished. :’[

i love it! <3

This is worthy of more praise than I can possibly think of. ♥