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Bowie & kitty.
This is what love is made of.
I love these men.

Poor Ric’s gotta bend down to give tiny David a hug. XD
That cigarette is pretty gross, but David Bowie is so marvelous and beautiful that I hardly noticed it.

He’s so beautiful.
Dates back to May 8th, 2010. One of my earlier restorations of the beautiful bros Mael. I love this photo, but I think I could have done a better job with it.

maybe a repeat

If there’s some kind of afterworld, these two are still so close. I’m sure of it.
Borrowed angels, the both of them….!
Marc helping Mickey with a little bit of make-up. My heart melted when I saw this. Oh my word.
Foxes. Click for super high-res.
Mickey Finn and his incredible hands.
Who could ever tire of these beauties?


Me: *fangasming over Russell Mael*


I’m so sorry, Russell. You are defenseless against Marc.

The four loves of my life. Cute outfits.

They both look a little strange in this pic. Is Russel sporting a french manicure? *squints* Does Ron have a bald upper lip?

Fabulous nails, Russell. Love Ron’s scarf, too. Fashionable boys.