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Not only is she beautiful, but the colours are so striking. I just can’t look away.
My purpose in life is to be as small, or smaller than this amazingly perfect woman. Oh my god.

Clara Bow - c. 1920’s

Everything about this picture of Clara makes me sigh in girlish delight. Her outfit is so cute, and she’s like a gorgeous porcelain doll.

That is so obviously going to be me when I’m older. One of my cats will take the photo.

Psh, this already IS me. xD
I want this dress. Omigod.
Stunning Stevie Nicks.
She is so perfect. ♥

we miss you. 

Karen’s voice has been responsible for much of my happiness in life.
Jane. ♥

Mary Wells was born 68 years ago today.

Sweet Agnetha ♥

Jane Wiedlin by Austin Young Photography
The supreme beauty of Stevie Nicks.

Siouxsie Sioux is 54 today.

She is so gorgeous. I can’t get over this. ♥
Agnetha. ♥