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Something about Marc Bolan’s smile puts so much love in my heart that I almost want to cry out of pure delight and adoration every time I see a picture with its magnificent gleam. This photo in particular has a brighter glow than a thousand suns, and more childlike life than a playground.

How wonderful it is that Marc spent some time on this earth. How I wish I could have lived during the time when he had such a command over the music business, and such a hold over the young fanbase that loved him ever so dearly. You know what, just look at this photo. And feel the love.
I’m crazy in love with this woman. And I’m not even a lesbian.

Debbie Harry
This is an older project of mine. Beautiful Russell Mael.

The Pressing of the Vinyl….

Sheer pornography!
Dear god, this is fucking glorious!

Dear someone,
Just put this man in my bed. He can even finish his coffee in it. I don’t care if he spills.

Floating in a sea of vinyl.

I want to drown in it.


He is a princess.
Well, if this isn’t adorable, I don’t know WHAT is.

I hate to admit they were an attractive couple. I mean a really attractive couple.

Whoa, look at that Ferry moustache. Sexy!

Joey Ramone and cat, by Caroline Coon

The only thing I love more than sexy men, is sexy men with cats.

emotion is motion.

So beautiful.
Iggy and Deborah. Beautiful.
Why, Iggy. What large eyes you have!
I love Marc’s weird hair.