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The cowboy boots Davy appears to have on suddenly take this photo to a whole other level of kinky…

Mikes Hand?

Oooh, what I’d give to be in the middle of that bed. >3

I’d screw Davy as long as he kept those boots on.

it’s…. beautiful

I love this colour contrast so much. I’ve always really liked this kind of thing, so much. I want to leap into this picture and cuddle that bed for days.

That is so obviously going to be me when I’m older. One of my cats will take the photo.

Psh, this already IS me. xD
I actually really like this photograph. 7” jacket for Sparks’ “When I’m With You”.S
Damn it, I hate that shit.
I squeaked.
And then promptly died after oxygen failed to reach my brain. ♥

This photo caught the twenty-seven-year-old virtuoso guitarist at the peak of his stardom, only a year before his death.  Having just woken up, Hendrix reportedly asked the photographer to join him in his bed.

I’m so tired but I feel like my cat needs my bed more than I do, so I guess my nap will have to wait.

This is potentially the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen right before bed.
/spontaneous combustion of the tear ducts


In bed.
The real question is: Who is the lucky person who took this pic?

Am jealous of the photographer.

Just think, the photographer probably creeped in/on/near his bed.
Oh dear lord.
/spontaneous combustion of the ovaries



Beatles bed spread, hey why not?

this is the closest thing  would have  slepping with john u.u

OMG!!!! I fucking need this!!!!

I love those shades of orange and yellow, together. Eyegasm of the finest degree. Whoever created this needs to get in my bed.

“The Citadel of Fear” by Virgil Finlay
This looks a lot like my life.