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ohhhh yeaaah. |D

I applaud this magnificent work of art. Bitches need to be put in their place when they act like whores.

Today I secured a hotel for my boyfriend and I.

Which I was very happy about, since it’s Memorial Day AND graduation weekend, so hotels are packed. I had to call about 4 different places just to get a room. I was so relieved after this event (which my mother has been pissing about, saying I had to do it now because if I waited I’d be screwed) that I had to tell my mother, who, in turn, told me that if I get raped, I’m “asking for it” because apparently I “dress like a whore”.

Never have I wanted to bitchslap someone so badly.

For being a Christian who shall not judge, she sure likes to judge.

She’s making the well-behaved god-fearing human beings in this world look like absolute monsters with her terrible, close-minded, bigoted, sexist, paranoid, and ignorant behavior. And she should be ashamed of herself.

Customer (while attempting to get a huge discount on an item they found in the wrong spot):

"I really can’t read those tiny little labels!"

Bitch, I don’t see any glasses on your face (while I’m standing here with these thick fucking lenses that not even Chuck Norris could snap in two).

My internal reaction: “You know, it’s the funniest thing. I’m trying to give a fuck but I just can’t do it.”


: o

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I just had the bitchiest breeder customer.

I work for an unnamed printing facility. My customer came in to do some Christmas cards with her baby on them. Pretty normal from the front, but the inside was a whole “this is how we copulated because we’re magical and everyone else is less capable of this deed” legacy story.

A couple test prints didn’t turn out right. She objected to me throwing them out. By this point she still seemed relatively decent. She said, “might as well keep them. That’s my baby!”

I glittered in some childfree humour by laughing and saying “I’ve got a cat”. That’s when she turned into a bitch. Suddenly it was acceptable to treat me like a peasant. Just because I haven’t managed to get myself knocked up.

At the end of her transaction she interrupted me once when I gave her pinpad instructions and again when I offered our customer survey. She cut me off by saying “I’m not gonna do it”. Wow.

I guess being a mother makes you exempt from being expected to have manners.

Keep it classy, Seattle.

“Sometimes I’ll add a bitch here and there or a couple of yos. And yo is in my day-to-day vocabulary now. I just cannot get it out.” - Aaron Paul

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To the teenager who mouthed “bitch” at me as I walked past,

You’re absolutely fucking goddamn right I’m a bitch, and don’t you forget it.

Don’t you ever forget my icy cold glare, motherfucker.