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Patti and Robert

So beautiful.
He’s the only reason I don’t mind saying I’m from Minnesota.
Why, Marc. What large eyes you have.
So true.
And relevant.

Marc Bolan of T. Rex

I just love this man. I don’t think I need to say it a million times a day, but I do anyway. ;D
Syd had such an adorable nose.


Conclusion: This book does not approve of Rick, seeing how there’s only one portrait of him.

I hate you too book.

The book could simply not hold all of Rick’s beauty.

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moving up from the ass to the back now.

My second thought (aside from “I wish I was Ronno in that picture”) was “Ronno’s shoes are amazing.” It’s so nice to be a girl. ;D
Getting that daily fix of cuteness.
This is me.
In case it’s not glaringly obvious, I love vinyl, photography, music, photo manipulation, and T. Rex. Enjoy.
I love this.
Maybe I’m just weird, but I’ve always found David Byrne to be very attractive.

Existential Love. 

Brigitte Bardot and a cute little birdy!
It’s like he’s saying in the first frame, “okaaay picture time, whatevs” and the next he’s like “okay, go away now”.
Ringo is such a cutie. ♥
Elton John & Marc Bolan. Two legendary minds.
(And you can just barely see Ringo in the background there.)