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Little baby kitties are the sweetest.
This is too adorable to pass up.

lol what a happy cat
This is so adorable. I love little baby kitties.

Joey Ramone and cat, by Caroline Coon

The only thing I love more than sexy men, is sexy men with cats.
I just want to scoop it up in my arms and touch noses with it. What a cute little baby kitty!

That awkward moment when it’s 5AM and you’ve been awake all night. And your cat wakes up the whole family all because you wanted a glass of water and he’s overexcited for breakfast.

Hold me.
I just squeaked so loud I think I ruptured an eardrum.
"He is regularly released - and seems to be more than willing to return. He is obviously retarded."

I didn’t get high on 4/20, but my cat did.

(They gave him anesthetic at the vet’s today so they could clean his teeth. He’s now bumbling around the house and freaking himself out with shadows and dust particles.)

Awww, snuggling kitties. ♥

Okay, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Cats believe that all other organisms are cats. Once you realize that, a lot of cat behavior starts to make sense, so why does your cat lick you? Because it thinks it’s grooming you.So when your cat licks you, he’s thinking ‘I love you, gigantic hairless cat. And to show you, I will lick you.’
-John Green, answering the question ”Why does my cat lick me?”
(video here)
My cat is the only living being that doesn’t piss me off.