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This photo has always been very striking to me. I fear America is headed back for this direction, very soon.

The Great Depression.

Richard Scarry Illustration from ‘I Am a Bunny’

Does anyone else find it completely delightful that the book is called “I am A Bunny”, and not only that, but this bunny is wearing coveralls? ♥
Back when parents dressed well, and so did their children.
Patiently waiting for someone to make a gif out of this, with a cheeseburger flying into the kid’s mouth, and descending sunglasses suggesting that people should DEAL WITH IT.
I’d die.

Reprinted newspaper article that appeared in the Japanese Guide Book on Sparks.
Russel and Ronnie in costume. Aww, bbs.

I have wanted to attempt a restoration of this for the longest time but it looks too far gone. ):



‘2 puls 3 is 3’ umm i don’t think so, i think that would be 5.
Jake Fitty Croydon. i think i just died. 

omg hahahaha i found them on fb


Why are babies having babies?

Harlem kids photographed while jumping rope, 1930s

A Modest Proposal. Read it, Know it, Love it.


Written by Jonathan Swift, it was meant as satire. I find it hilarious. It’s still applicable because sometimes it seems as though politician really do want the poor to eat their children.

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"Babies from hell" who will grow up to be foxy men from hell. ;D