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Two more things in this world I love with all the girlish squealing in my little heart. A very young Marc Bolan and a cute little baby kitty!
This is too adorable to pass up.

lol what a happy cat
Three words: little baby bunny.
His cheeky little face!
Jerry Lee Lewis & Buddy Holly.
Two of the godfathers of rock n’ roll. And cuties!
I love this so much.
It’s a fox. And it’s smiling. What more could you want?

Reblog if fangirling is one of the happiest parts of your life.

There isn’t much else to life that I actually enjoy.

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I just stumbled upon this earlier and it was so freaking cute I couldn’t resist.

oh my, want x’s 10! 

These are so adorable!
I’m pretty sure my Joey Ramone-love jumps a few thousand notches whenever I see him holding a kitty.
Oh, and the furniture is lovely, too.
Hehehe. It’s kind of like when fussy children don’t want mum kissing their cheek. Look at those kitty-hands. Awwwwws.
I just want to scoop it up in my arms and touch noses with it. What a cute little baby kitty!

Folks diggin’ Syd and his kitties! Here’s another, luvs! Syd and his kitten in the garden.. 

Syd is cute. Kitties are cute. This is just a cute overload.