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So this is my first photo-post. I absolutely adore Marc Bolan, but I love it even more when I stumble upon a beautiful photo of him that’s in need of some serious digital restoration. This is what I do when I’m bored. Behold.
Here’s another one of my restorations. And, because Tumblr just hasn’t seen enough of the bros Mael. Top: black and white; bottom: colour edit.

Very cool to see the video I uploaded last night be circulated on Tumblr within hours. And since this page is mainly about Sparkin’, let there be Sparks! It’s almost ‘Equator Day’ anyway. ;D


A weird/great live Sparks performance of “Equator” from 1976.

(Source: ron-mael)

Another restored photo from my collection. This is Marc Bolan. Isn’t he a delight? This world misses him. On the left: old photo; on the right: bright, beautiful restoration.
Oh my god, he’s so beautiful.

A song forgotten in time. Nick Gilder on lead vocals; “Roxy Roller” was later covered by Suzi Quatro. Love this track.

There’s nothing like David Bowie at the start of your day. What a babe and a half!
A vision of godlike babeitude.


Okay, one more…
And here is an absolutely angelic photo of the late and lovely Marc Bolan. What a little cutie!
His outfit is simply too glorious not to repost.
Excuse me while I die of girlish squealing and utter heartache over how beautiful he is.

Glorious gif.


(Source: hunky-bat)

I’ve made up my mind, world. I’m hopelessly in love with Marc Bolan, for life.

Marc Bolan, photographed by Koh Hasebe.
I will never tire of this man’s beautiful face.
Another beautiful face I may never tire of.