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This is adorable and horrifying at the same time. What really freaks me out is that it appears that the chair is staring at the doll on the bed, and the doll is staring back.
Oh, and the furniture is lovely, too.
I am in love with this magnificently tacky thing. Where can I get one? So sexy.
I want a kitchen like this. ♥
This is so perfect. ♥

Lego synthesizers
Oh god. Super adorable. ♥

I’m not the only one who wants that belt, am I?

Marc has some terrific thighs.
I have a set of these.
No joke.

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again…
This lamp is incredible.
Why isn’t this my kitchen?

Mr. T Tea For One By Lennymud on Etsy
I Pit-tea the fool!