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Things that I have announced that are apparently offensive to christians.

This made my day.
A tender moment between Elvis Presley and a group of pretty girls.

I realized the following today.

I’m sure I’ve been addicted to music my whole life when birds chattering outside sound like a cassette deck dysfunction and it evokes brief feelings of panic and disturbance. But, had I never valued music half this much, I wouldn’t have these bizarre thoughts for my own amusement.



What a coincidence, Ringo. So do I.
My mother loves dolphins. And kitties. I think her head would explode if she saw this.

Thought for today:

My gay “son” (a very close friend who is just a touch younger than I, but steals away most of my attention all the time) and my transgender sister are the absolute light and purpose for my existence. Without the love of both of them I’d be nothing. I’m straight, but primarily admire and relate to those who identify as L/G/B/T. Therefore, thanks for brightening my life, you beautiful, wonderful people. ♥

This makes me smile.


Bed time

 i could quite happily sleep here ^

I’ve found heaven.
This is how my life is on a “perfect day”.

You thrill me, you delight me. You please me, you excite me.

You’re something I’ve been pleading for.
I love you, I adore you.
I lay my life before you.
I’ll have you want me more and more.
And finally, it seems, my lonely days are through.
I’ve been waiting for you.

Leave it to ABBA to write the songs of my life.

I’m guilty of it.




I should be tested! 


Story of my life.

(via bucket-o-trouble-deactivated201)


Existential Love. 

Brigitte Bardot and a cute little birdy!

My cat is almost 20 miles away from me getting a rotten tooth pulled, and a thorough cleaning of his teeth.

I miss him so much.

And I don’t get to see him for another 4 hours.

I don’t even want to leave this room because the house is so empty/quiet without my baby.


(by Chessie higgins!)

I just realized that most of the men I admire are dead.

This only appears to be a problem.