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I’ve got one of these framed in the bedroom.

Sparks (Ron and Russell Mael)
This is just a picture of pure beauty.


Now that’s a party I’d like to attend
Let’s do some more Sparks. You’ll never see another copy of this in colour, and yes, this is my original restoration. You’re welcome.
And, Lady said, “let there be Sparks”. Here’s one of my restorations. Love it up.
The bros of my dreams.

There is definitely nothing better than the Mael brothers

Glorious gif.


(Source: hunky-bat)

Spotted this on the Rivers Cuomo page on Facebook earlier this afternoon. There he is, with one of my heroes, Ric Ocasek.
Another silly one. Russell is devastated over what Ron has done with his cookies. I can’t remember where I got these stills from. Forgive me. This is just cute (and old) and I have a place to put it now.
I love these men.

Poor Ric’s gotta bend down to give tiny David a hug. XD
I love this picture so much, for a variety of reasons, but mainly, my heart exploded from love for David’s ABBA button. ‘Cause I have one (in a whole bunch) just like that. And it’s like two things I love in this world (The Cars, ABBA) coming together in the same photograph for super-excellence.
I think the previous response to this about sums up how amazingly hot this whole view is.
Dear god, this is fucking glorious!

The foxes.
Jerry Lee Lewis & Buddy Holly.
Two of the godfathers of rock n’ roll. And cuties!
Mickey Finn is so beautiful. My word, what he could have done for his appearance if he wouldn’t have drank so much toward the end of his life. Those bright eyes would someday be so dull. And then there’s Marc. You know, these two were just amazing together. <3