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The other day I saw this commercial on TV for Digiorno’s “Pizza & Cookies” creation. Yes. You get a frozen pizza, and frozen ready-to-bake Tollhouse cookies. In the same box. You know, since you already have your oven going, you may as well throw some cookies in there.

My first reaction to this was “No wonder everyone hates America” and then I thought to myself “wait, there’s got to be stoners in their control room”. Then it dawned on me that the only possible way something this ridiculous (two unrelated products existing in the same box with intent to sell like it’s no big deal) could possibly be conceived is the simple fact that this is the stoner’s dream come true.

Dear Digiorno,

Well played. There’s probably millions of stoners smoking a fatty right now that would love pizza and cookies at the same time.

Patiently waiting for someone to make a gif out of this, with a cheeseburger flying into the kid’s mouth, and descending sunglasses suggesting that people should DEAL WITH IT.
I’d die.

So last night I was watching this doc about a 900-pound woman.

And it was horrible, because she was so beautiful but her body was killing her because she was so incredibly large. She underwent gastric bypass surgery so that someday her children might have a mother who could do things with them, and then she died.

And then I thought to myself, … “I’m glad I’m allergic to everything and diet obsessively. Jesus Christ.”

How does that even happen? That’s awful.

It’s one thing to be a little chubby (which, admittedly, I’d still rather die than be “chubby” or even remotely thick at all) but another to be 900 pounds and dying at your own hands. Overeating is just as much of an eating disorder as binging/purging or simply conditioning yourself to not eat enough (which, honestly, I don’t consider my problem to be a sickness at all - keeps me trim, even though I’m never trim enough for my standards).

I was just so moved by how things like that just HAPPEN to people. How the hell does someone get so very large that they have to be carried out of their house by 6 people, weigh themselves at a recycling plant (ffs..) and sometimes even have to have portions of their homes demolished so people can rescue them?



what the hell is this shit

i’m not 100% sdure but it looks like a fun, new and creative way to become morbidly obese

What is this fuckery. Gross.

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truth based packaging by TrustoCorp

Just leaving this here…

What… what is the meaning of this … o_O

Fat Tony