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So glam it hurts

look at those leg-
oh my god i thought angie was david whats wrong with me omg.

^^^^^ you are dead to me. D:

Well she is  wearing his coat…

That moment when your parents are both completely androgynous.

This delights me like you don’t even know.

October 19th, 1962

Today I secured a hotel for my boyfriend and I.

Which I was very happy about, since it’s Memorial Day AND graduation weekend, so hotels are packed. I had to call about 4 different places just to get a room. I was so relieved after this event (which my mother has been pissing about, saying I had to do it now because if I waited I’d be screwed) that I had to tell my mother, who, in turn, told me that if I get raped, I’m “asking for it” because apparently I “dress like a whore”.

Never have I wanted to bitchslap someone so badly.

For being a Christian who shall not judge, she sure likes to judge.

She’s making the well-behaved god-fearing human beings in this world look like absolute monsters with her terrible, close-minded, bigoted, sexist, paranoid, and ignorant behavior. And she should be ashamed of herself.



Parenting - You’re doing it right.

What to do when kids misbehave, Chapter 1.

“John’s erratic behaviour around Julian continued – fun one moment and violent anger the next. And he could be like this with Sean too, reducing the little boy to tears of terror. Fred Seaman, or sometimes Yoko, would act as a buffer when John lost his temper. Julian was constantly on tenterhooks, sensing that an eruption was coming and retreating to his room in the hope of avoiding it.
One incident in particular did him lasting damage. The whole family had been having fun, making Mickey Mouse pancakes and fooling around, when Julian giggled. John turned on him and screamed, “I can’t stand the way you fucking laugh! Never let me hear your fucking horrible laugh again!”He continued with a tirade of abuse until Julian fled once again to his room in tears. It was monstrously cruel and has affected him ever since. To this day he seldom laughs.”

Stanley Kubrick as a Photojournalist in Chicago

Norman Parkinson, 60s

Johnson’s baby powder, 1945

I’ve been meaning to rant about this for a couple weeks now. So, here it is.

I just started a new job with an unnamed company. As part of my training, I had to sit and watch videos for a few hours, about the company and its connection to a larger corporation. The videos were designed to highlight all the things the company stood for, and why it’s important to people.

One thing in particular pissed me off, however.

"When people think Smart, they think [company name here].”

And it went on to discuss how busy mothers are utterly blessed by the presence of this company, because they want to be “frugal” and “fashionistas”, then marched on to gargle out the nauseating pseudo-term “frugalista”, which, apparently, defines every woman on the face of the planet. Not once did they mention the incredible product lines for men as well; they didn’t even so much as mention the sons of these women - instead they went on about how “she” could shop for her “little girl” and so on and so forth.

It’s almost as if they expect every mother to be a stay-at-home mum who does nothing but do her husband’s/boyfriend’s bidding at the store, decorating the home and dressing the family on a budget. It’s disgusting and completely uncalled for.

Every day I see an equal number of women and men - childless, single, married, with child, young, old, very young, and every demographic you could possibly imagine - shopping in the store I work in. And yet all their marketing targets women as if the stores were built for the betterment of their lives, and not for the betterment of an entire community as a whole.

Society needs to drop this bullshit stereotype that entails that all women should aspire to be a perfect housewife. It’s stale; it’s dead and decomposing. I’d like to see it have a proper burial in my lifetime. This is the age of the enlightened and empowered woman. To hell with corporate advertising garbage.

Alternative parenting strategies as demonstrated by Paul and George.