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This photo has always been very striking to me. I fear America is headed back for this direction, very soon.

The Great Depression.
Well, if this isn’t adorable, I don’t know WHAT is.

emotion is motion.

So beautiful.
I just want to scoop it up in my arms and touch noses with it. What a cute little baby kitty!
This woman wears her soul on the outside.
A tender moment between Elvis Presley and a group of pretty girls.
Hold me.
I still have most of my old cassettes. These things just delight me.


Bed time

 i could quite happily sleep here ^

I’ve found heaven.
This warms my heart. ♥
Ron’s stance. RON’S. STANCE.
Looks like the perfect day to me!


moving up from the ass to the back now.

My second thought (aside from “I wish I was Ronno in that picture”) was “Ronno’s shoes are amazing.” It’s so nice to be a girl. ;D
And Mickey’s like “Soooo, Marc …. when can I get a picture in?”
I think he’s holding a camera anyway.
This is me.
In case it’s not glaringly obvious, I love vinyl, photography, music, photo manipulation, and T. Rex. Enjoy.