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Another old silly thing I made an awfully long time ago. Russell’s pineapple is cut perfectly. Who could be the talented person responsible for this? ;D

Sometime I randomly add “get the pineapple” on the end of my sentences. I have no idea why.


Oh my god, this fucking gif.

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It’ll blow your mind.


Tropical air helps us harvest all year And serves to promote the vitamin C content In turn yielding greater demand

i really love this fucking song
and all the sparks fans because they are fucking great
This happened.
this must be what Russell Mael’s secret fantasies look like.
Russell and his one love, the magnificent Ms. Babe.


Every band has that one member who never says anything and looks like they’re 500% done with everyone’s shit

You rang?

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Russell and his one love, the magnificent Ms. Babe.

I feel like I need to reblog this for Valentine’s Day.