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Conclusion: This book does not approve of Rick, seeing how there’s only one portrait of him.

I hate you too book.

The book could simply not hold all of Rick’s beauty.

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Pink Floyd- Time

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since, my friend, you have revealed your deepest fear, i sentence you to be exposed before your peers. tear down the wall!

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zygoratour replied to your post: Hey.. Quit being so awesome. I can only love you so much.
I love prog music.

Me too. Prog is unusual, unpredictable, and it has a tendency to really suck you in for long periods of time. It appeals to the senses in a way most other music does not.


This has been a Frank Zappa appreciation post.

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The Watcher of the Skies

Peter! He’s so beautiful! :3


Have a Cigar - Pink Floyd

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Yes | And You And I

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Welcome To The Machine - Pink Floyd.

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My boyfriend and I might be seeing Yes when they come to Seattle.
Their outfits are so sexy.

Alan Parsons Project - “In the Lap of the Gods” (1978)