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It’s almost 6AM. I haven’t yet slept. I’m so stressed out after losing my job yesterday morning, and not knowing what the future will hold. I have a million things to think about, without the capacity to do so. But this is so beautiful, and calming. For some reason has thrown it at me a number of times in the past 12+ hours, and I could play it a million times before I’d tire of it.

This is Patti Smith - “Because the Night”.


Joey Ramone and cat, by Caroline Coon

The only thing I love more than sexy men, is sexy men with cats.
I’m pretty sure my Joey Ramone-love jumps a few thousand notches whenever I see him holding a kitty.

holy shat. the amount of aw this photo brings out of me is insane. 

This is a group of punks.
Joey’s manorexia turns me on.
Iggy and Deborah. Beautiful.
Why, Iggy. What large eyes you have!


iggy spam time


Mmm, mmmmm. I think I want to restore this beautiful little angel face. Those eyes deserve a little more light.

Patti and Robert

So beautiful.


Siouxsie with Clare Grogan of Altered Images

 LOL random combination there.

I think (but I could be mistaken) Siouxie was in part responsible for the discovery/jumpstarting of the career of Clare & AI. Somehow. I’m a little rusty but I knew this shit at some point. Either way, Clare is so cute.
Dave Grohl is adorable.
bwahahaha. Ohhhhh, so brilliant.

i think you’re 700 years old and i probably weigh more than you, but WHATEVER YOU KNOW?!
iggy pop, amen


Alice Cooper, Ray Manzareck, and Iggy Pop

Wow, there’s a lot of epic in this photo.
Modern photography with a retro edge.