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Employing the logic our society uses concerning rape:


  • Anyone talking is asking to be interrupted.
  • Anyone carrying money is asking to be robbed.
  • Anyone eating is asking to choke.
  • Anyone drinking is asking to be drugged.
  • Anyone walking is asking to be tripped.
  • Anyone with a face is asking to be punched.
  • Anyone with a heart is asking for a heart attack.
  • Anyone with arteries is asking for an aneurysm.
  • Anyone not wearing a breastplate is asking to be stabbed.
  • Anyone not wearing a bulletproof vest is asking to be shot.

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Today I secured a hotel for my boyfriend and I.

Which I was very happy about, since it’s Memorial Day AND graduation weekend, so hotels are packed. I had to call about 4 different places just to get a room. I was so relieved after this event (which my mother has been pissing about, saying I had to do it now because if I waited I’d be screwed) that I had to tell my mother, who, in turn, told me that if I get raped, I’m “asking for it” because apparently I “dress like a whore”.

Never have I wanted to bitchslap someone so badly.

For being a Christian who shall not judge, she sure likes to judge.

She’s making the well-behaved god-fearing human beings in this world look like absolute monsters with her terrible, close-minded, bigoted, sexist, paranoid, and ignorant behavior. And she should be ashamed of herself.

Stop rape, not women.





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 This shouldn’t even need to be done.

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Bangladesh woman cuts off attacker's penis



“‘She said she fought back and cut off his penis and brought it to our police station in a polythene bag to prove that Mr Mazi tried to rape her,’ police spokesman Abul Khaer told the BBC.

‘She has registered a case accusing him of attempted rape,’ he said.  ‘It is quite an unusual incident. As far as I am aware, this is the first time that a woman has brought a severed penis to the police station as evidence.’ Monju Begum told police that Mr Mazi, a married father of five, had been harassing her for the past six months…

‘We are treating him so that he can urinate normally without the penis.’”

YES! This is by far the greatest tumblr ever.


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A powerful sign from SlutWalk Houston