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Here’s a hep little song from 1959. Little Anthony & The Imperials - “Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop”. Dig it.

There are no words for how amazingly wonderful this photo is.

I love these shots …
I want Marc’s shoes! He’s absolutely darling in this picture.

I posted a lot of Santa-Bolans, but not this one….
(thanks jitterbuglove!)
Cheers, beautiful.
Jerry Lee Lewis & Buddy Holly.
Two of the godfathers of rock n’ roll. And cuties!


Yay someone uploaded the full Sparks episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks on Youtube!

The golden boys amidst a bunch of hilarious hosts.

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There is so much awesome in this picture. It’s like a legend overload. Holy fucking shit.
Dear someone,
Just put this man in my bed. He can even finish his coffee in it. I don’t care if he spills.

A friend and I are currently in a heated debate over The Cars, specifically Ric Ocasek. I still say the man is a pop songwriting master, and he almost single-handedly made simple, catchy rock ‘n roll cool again. Seriously, gimme the first Cars album any day and I’m happy. My friend, however, says the band is obnoxious, their hooks are corny, and Ocasek’s voice is “dopey.” I doubt we’ll ever agree on the music.
 … one thing we do agree on? He’s the goofiest looking lead singer ever.

Posts like this make my day. I’ve loved Ric (and the Cars) since I was a little girl, but that first album is a masterpiece. It was such a big deal during the time, especially with its follow-up, “Candy-O” (1979). They weren’t deeply loved by Europeans at the time, but they caught on in the states like crazy. A lot of people I’ve known have found “Panorama” (1980) to be a terrible record but it’s probably my favourite of the entire catalogue, for how unusual (and seemingly drug-driven) the whole thing is. I also really loved the odd tracks from “Shake it Up” (1982) more than the popular tracks (such as, the title track, for instance).
I guess with any band, you either “get” them, or you don’t.
However (and it may be me just fangirling like usual) I adore Ric Ocasek. He is (not so much now as when he was young) a tall, emaciated fox. So beautiful.
Carry on.
Who could ever tire of these beauties?


Sparks - “Mickey Mouse” (Live, SNL 1984)

Hilarious and energetic performance, besides Danny Devito acting like a jackass at the beginning.

Every time I see this, it restores my compassion for humanity.

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buddy holly’s broken glasses.

This put a chill through me.

Assorted album/artist reviews I have written.

These are all external links to one of the internet’s finest music forums, in which I have contributed bits and pieces of my writing skill in my spare time. Enjoy.



Alice Cooper, Ray Manzareck, and Iggy Pop

Wow, there’s a lot of epic in this photo.