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My Little Red Raincoat


Hello, my name is Ringo and I have a little red raincoat.

It’s shiny and red with big black buttons.

It keeps me warm and dry as I play my drums.

My friends don’t have shiny red raincoats.

They wish they could be as cool as me with my little red raincoat, but they can’t.

Only I can look this good while drumgasming in a little red raincoat.

I love my little red raincoat and my little red raincoat loves me too.


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i cant wait til im in my 20s and all the hot men come out get me away from these snot nosed acne ridden fuckheads you call “boys”

When you’re in your 20s you can make young men do whatever your heart desires. At least, that’s what I do. The more young men my boss hires, the easier my job gets.

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