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One example of how times have actually changed for the better.


Hi. I’m a woman, and I’m very comfortable with that.

This is what I’m NOT comfortable with.

Society’s rules and expectations of me, since the day I was born:

Be pretty. I must be thin, have a glowing complexion, straight and vividly white teeth, 20/20 eyesight, and a very good handle on how to properly use every cosmetic device known to womankind. It’s the end of the world if I ever should have a blemish (and not know how to cover it properly). I must have glossy fingernails, and if I’m not well-endowed in the chest region, nobody will look at me. If my nose is too large, it’s not pretty. If I’m not thin enough, men will never look at me. It’s not pretty to have “love handles” and if I ever fall prey to an eating disorder, it’s clearly my problem and obviously I have control over it. I should be ashamed for exhibiting these behaviors that were taught to me by society.

Be sociable with women. I’m a “slut” or a “loose woman” if I’m too sociable with men. I can have many “girl friends” but if most of my friends and acquaintances are male, clearly I must be having sex with them. And that’s just not right, you see. If I’m not sociable at all, or if I have trouble communicating with others the way other people seem to do so effortlessly, I must be mentally ill, and I should see a therapist to “correct” this “problem”.

Dress well. I must not dress provocatively (because if I do, and I get raped, it’ll be all my fault), or in any way that is not “en vogue”. It’s inappropriate to draw attention to myself, and even worse if I choose to dress modestly, but unusually. And if my eyes are bad, I better be wearing contacts, not glasses. Shame on me for thinking I had a right to a personality, and shame on me for being hard of sight. I must have done that to myself, huh?

Date men. If I couldn’t get a date in high school, there must have been something wrong with me. Maybe my hair was too long, or shaggy, or not the right colour. Maybe I wasn’t wearing the right make-up. Maybe I wasn’t sociable enough. Of course, it’s my fault that young boys have more on their mind than young girls. And if I wasn’t attracted to boys, that’s obviously a mental disorder. So I’m in my 20’s and I’m not interested in sex. I’ve also had two failed engagements because there must be something wrong with me. I guess I better see a therapist, or try to be more alluring (without, of course, coming off as a “slut”).

Get married. After all, that’s my central purpose in life. To find a man and marry him. Then I’m supposed to do all the housework, make him sandwiches, bow to his every little whim, and be a housewife. I’m not supposed to “pretend” I’m above a man in any way. If I even merely suggest inequality among the sexes, clearly I must be a bitch. I’m supposed to get married, because if I don’t, there must be something wrong with me. If I don’t marry a man, I’ll never survive on my own. I’m not supposed to go to college. I’m supposed to find a man who can support me because I’m incapable of doing it myself, and if I even try, I must have some kind of mental or sexual disorder. I should probably see a therapist for that “problem”.

Have children. I have sexual organs for one purpose and one purpose only: multiplication. If I skipped marriage and I’m living with a homosexual man who happens to be my best friend, no children will ever come out of that (but people will ask me if I’m sure we’re not fucking) and obviously that’s not the plan of action that’s right for me. If I should someday have an unwanted pregnancy, I should be ashamed for calling it “unwanted” and I should forget about being part of society if I have an abortion,  because that’s murder, and women are not murderers. How will my parents ever become grandparents? How will I ever live a meaningful life if I don’t have children? I’d much rather have a cat, which means that there must be something wrong with me.

Other unspoken rules of womanhood:

Talking about the menstrual cycle is vulgar, obscene, and I should feel disgusting and ashamed for these functions that I cannot control.

I will always be questioned for my skills (driving, reading, writing, math, art, music, “dirty work” or manual labour) because I am obviously the weaker and dimmer sex. I have no right to complain if I am not paid as much as my male counterparts at work, even if we were hired at the same time, because obviously I’m not capable of doing as good of a job as they do, because I am a woman.

Everything I say is a product of my emotions, because I obviously lack a logical mind. I am expected to be fascinated with love stories, love songs, “chick flicks”, and muscular men; I am also expected to exhibit stereotypical behaviors such as compulsive shopping, poor driving, losing my patience, and constantly having PMS because obviously that’s all that could ever really upset me since I’m incapable of logical thought. I never have a legitimate reason for crying, either.

I should always try to be more like [insert name of “beautiful woman” here]. Men want the women they see on the magazines. Not some frumpy girl who can’t afford a nose job, doesn’t have the patience for fake eyelashes, and lives in the real world where you can’t photoshop your face before you leave the house.

These things hurt.

I’m a woman, and I love being a woman. I hate that society feels the need to govern our lives. We are taught that it’s okay to be ourselves, but out in the real world, apparently it’s not. THESE THINGS HURT. I encourage women and girls to think for themselves. You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. If the world doesn’t like it, we have a tendency not to like it either, but it’s okay to like yourself. Loving yourself is an entirely different matter, and something I deeply hope to learn someday myself.

Society can take a walk.

Today I secured a hotel for my boyfriend and I.

Which I was very happy about, since it’s Memorial Day AND graduation weekend, so hotels are packed. I had to call about 4 different places just to get a room. I was so relieved after this event (which my mother has been pissing about, saying I had to do it now because if I waited I’d be screwed) that I had to tell my mother, who, in turn, told me that if I get raped, I’m “asking for it” because apparently I “dress like a whore”.

Never have I wanted to bitchslap someone so badly.

For being a Christian who shall not judge, she sure likes to judge.

She’s making the well-behaved god-fearing human beings in this world look like absolute monsters with her terrible, close-minded, bigoted, sexist, paranoid, and ignorant behavior. And she should be ashamed of herself.

I’ve been meaning to rant about this for a couple weeks now. So, here it is.

I just started a new job with an unnamed company. As part of my training, I had to sit and watch videos for a few hours, about the company and its connection to a larger corporation. The videos were designed to highlight all the things the company stood for, and why it’s important to people.

One thing in particular pissed me off, however.

"When people think Smart, they think [company name here].”

And it went on to discuss how busy mothers are utterly blessed by the presence of this company, because they want to be “frugal” and “fashionistas”, then marched on to gargle out the nauseating pseudo-term “frugalista”, which, apparently, defines every woman on the face of the planet. Not once did they mention the incredible product lines for men as well; they didn’t even so much as mention the sons of these women - instead they went on about how “she” could shop for her “little girl” and so on and so forth.

It’s almost as if they expect every mother to be a stay-at-home mum who does nothing but do her husband’s/boyfriend’s bidding at the store, decorating the home and dressing the family on a budget. It’s disgusting and completely uncalled for.

Every day I see an equal number of women and men - childless, single, married, with child, young, old, very young, and every demographic you could possibly imagine - shopping in the store I work in. And yet all their marketing targets women as if the stores were built for the betterment of their lives, and not for the betterment of an entire community as a whole.

Society needs to drop this bullshit stereotype that entails that all women should aspire to be a perfect housewife. It’s stale; it’s dead and decomposing. I’d like to see it have a proper burial in my lifetime. This is the age of the enlightened and empowered woman. To hell with corporate advertising garbage.

Borderline gratuitous picture of every cosmetics & clothing manufacturer on the face of the planet.

1950s wife duties

OMG. I love this so much. :D


This is disgusting and I want to throw it on the ground and stomp on it but I’m pretty sure I’d get thrown out by mall security if I did that

Family-friendly sexism, just in time for the holidays!

This atrocity would be grounds for divorce.

If you have a little under 2 hours to spend, watch this. It is important.

America the Beautiful (2007) (Documentary)

In a society where female body image is one of the more dire problems facing today’s society, this film illuminates the issue by covering every base: child models, plastic surgery, celebrity worship, airbrushed advertising, and dangerous cosmetics.


The issue isn’t that girls shouldn’t cook and have fun with it. It’s that we’re being told by companies, toy stores, and their marketing teams that this is the way it’s supposed to be. Girls should cook and clean (essentially playing “mom”) while boys create, destroy, and learn to save the world. Toys like LEGO, light sabers, and toy cars are all primarily marketed towards boys and these toys have far more creative possibilities and give room for more brain development.

Toy stores play a large role in continuing to support the way children of different genders play and think. From an early age girls are given little options of what they can think and become. It is no coincidence that there is a serious lack of women working in the science and math fields.

That’s why SPARK is asking you to join us in ourToy Aisle Action Projectto bring attention to the gender divide in stores! We are SPARKing this movement armed with Post-It notes and cameras in the blue and pink aisles. (Seriously, some stores have actually have colored their toy aisles pink and blue! When will it end?) With your Post-Its, make a note using slogans like “Where My Girls At?” in the blue aisle, “Your Girl Needs Joe, too” on a GI Joe, “This Is An Option For Everybody” and “What About Dads?” on the baby dolls.

Use statistics, too. Here are some we found: women make up only 13% of architects (I wonder why LEGO?), 14% of active US military (Where is G.I. Jane?), and 4% of executive chefs — so, why are all the kitchen gadgets pink when so many chefs are men?

Read more / send in your photos!

This used to bother me all the time as well, when I worked for Sears Holdings Company. They marketed everything from kitchen sets to “my first ironing board”, to unsuspecting little girls. This still fills me with inexplicable rage, the same way it does by designing toys to be marketed to little boys who need to grow up to be “rough and tough”.

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Dear misogynistic piglet stranger,

You spotted me walking earlier and noticed I have very long hair. I’m glad you noticed, but you didn’t have to scream “I’ll pull that hair while I fuck you!”

No. You won’t. Someone will, but it won’t be you. You’ll be busy tossing off in your mom’s basement because you’re a piece of shit. Go fuck yourself. Asshole.


I hope you crashed your damn ugly car.