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This is so adorable. I love little baby kitties.

Joey Ramone and cat, by Caroline Coon

The only thing I love more than sexy men, is sexy men with cats.
Joey’s manorexia turns me on.

emotion is motion.

So beautiful.
Iggy and Deborah. Beautiful.
Dates back to May 8th, 2010. One of my earlier restorations of the beautiful bros Mael. I love this photo, but I think I could have done a better job with it.

maybe a repeat

If there’s some kind of afterworld, these two are still so close. I’m sure of it.
Borrowed angels, the both of them….!

I miss John Lennon.

My heart flutters.
Hold me.
Aww, little baby kitty (BK).
Marc helping Mickey with a little bit of make-up. My heart melted when I saw this. Oh my word.
My mother loves dolphins. And kitties. I think her head would explode if she saw this.

That expression. ♥

I want to hold him.

Reblog if you love John Lennon, no matter what he looks like or era


I’d still love John if I was blind.

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So precious.