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Today I discovered the meaning of “postwhoring”.

Really and truly.

I logged on to this forum I frequent a lot. It’s a friendly place. We make birthday threads for people when it’s their birthday. Last June I made a birthday thread for my sister (who is a member of the forum). Someone who had not been to the forum in a very long time decided to catch up with 10 fucking months worth of posts that they missed, and necrobumped my sister’s birthday thread. From last June.

And included an enticing picture of my favourite band in her post.

Dear necrobumping poster: are you on drugs? Jesus christ. Who does that shit?

Something I’m guilty of on multiple occasions:

/sees friend request on Facebook from person with private profile.

/accepts friend request to see what kind of person they are.

/sees that their spelling is horrendous, they use ‘txt tlk’, play Farmville, and listen to shit like Ke$sha and Justin Bieber.

/quickly unfriends and blocks.

Sarah was conceived in a truck stop restroom. And her father is half-pelican.



This is an interesting video that has circulated on the web.  Supposedly, it is from a poster/group ‘I Hate Young People’ .  What is the point of their postings…who knows?  however, this video speaks for itself.  True, it is shocking that these people don’t know who The Beatles are.  On the other hand, some may ask others to name the members to the Wu Tang Clan, to which they would get a bemused look.

The Snobs ask a simple question;  Will history prove Lil’ Wayne, Wu Tang or any other ‘relevant’ artist of today as influential as the Fab Four?  Doubtful, to the point of a stern ‘NO’.

Beatle fan or not, watch it and weep.

Where’s Maxwell and his silver hammer when you need him?

So these stupid assholes at my sister’s high school trapped chickens in the building overnight and they shit all over.

The good news is, these stupid fuckers are getting their scholarships taken away and being expelled just days before graduation.

Also, I hope they get nailed for animal abuse/neglect.

Those poor little chickens probably had to endure a ton of meanness. I wonder how those hooligan teenagers would like it if someone did that to them. I wish I could chain them to a brick wall and fire at them with frozen paintballs.


Plastic surgery: not just for humans anymore.

Munson, a burly 7-year-old English bulldog, has a secret: His testicles are fake.

Neutered as a puppy, Munson (named after Larry Munson of Georgia Bulldog fame) got a pair of synthetic stand-ins to preserve his manly pride. Not his idea, of course, but his owner’s.

I don’t think I want to live on this planet anymore.

An open letter to the loser who keeps stealing from my store,

(Disclaimer: there are a lot of losers that keep stealing from my store, but there’s one in particular that doesn’t seem to have an active connection between both of his brain hemispheres.)

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