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Facebook Pictures


 genius XD


This is just too good to pass up. I’m so glad I know how to properly use a fucking camera.

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When people say a song from last month is old, and I’m like;
“Hi, my name is Jodie, and my favourite band is Japan. They formed in 1974 and we a big part of the new romantic movement during the 80’s.”

This ^^^

Most kids these days make me sick with their lack of appreciation for real music.



‘2 puls 3 is 3’ umm i don’t think so, i think that would be 5.
Jake Fitty Croydon. i think i just died. 

omg hahahaha i found them on fb


Why are babies having babies?

Privilege Denying Gal - Brunette [Picture: Background: 6 piece pie style color split with pink and blue  alternating. Foreground: White woman wearing a plain white t-shirt with  long brown hair. Her arms are folded over her chest and she has an  incredulous expression.  Top text: “ [Why don’t you just drive there?] ” Bottom text: “ [What do you mean you can’t afford a car?] ”]
Created by pansytwist
This one is dedicated to all of the rich fuckers at my school.

Usually they’ve only got something to drive because their mums and dads paid for it, because kids these days have got these fucked up expectations. Apparently the world owes them something for being born.

I like the way that worked out.

So these stupid assholes at my sister’s high school trapped chickens in the building overnight and they shit all over.

The good news is, these stupid fuckers are getting their scholarships taken away and being expelled just days before graduation.

Also, I hope they get nailed for animal abuse/neglect.

Those poor little chickens probably had to endure a ton of meanness. I wonder how those hooligan teenagers would like it if someone did that to them. I wish I could chain them to a brick wall and fire at them with frozen paintballs.


I don’t know. When I was a teenage girl, I rather liked that sort of company.

No senior portraits for "ugly" people.


More on my previous post, via HuffPo:

A Pennsylvania photographer has chosen not to photograph a group of high school girls for their senior portraits after she found evidence of the teens bullying other students on Facebook.

Read the whole thing.

Gratuitous picture of children born in the 90s and beyond.
Shit that blows: parents that don’t discipline their kids.
I couldn’t agree more, after two idiotic tweenagers decided to ram a motorized cart into a display of cologne and Halloween costume jewelry the other day at the store I work in. They busted a shelf and jewelry flew everywhere. We thought a bottle had broken because there was such a stink in that area, but alas, it was just the stink of two unsupervised little fucks having a heyday spraying cologne every-fucking-where.
This has been a public service announcement to today’s teenagers.

Teenagers preparing for some hot rod racing, 1950s.
This is something I can agree with.
The clothes I see at work, designed for little girls, are simply horrid. Furthermore, why would a little girl need a lacy bra? that’s ridiculous.

Beatles fans, 1965