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Thought for today:

My gay “son” (a very close friend who is just a touch younger than I, but steals away most of my attention all the time) and my transgender sister are the absolute light and purpose for my existence. Without the love of both of them I’d be nothing. I’m straight, but primarily admire and relate to those who identify as L/G/B/T. Therefore, thanks for brightening my life, you beautiful, wonderful people. ♥


The Pulchritude of Candy Darling

Candy though the lense of Robert Mapplethorpe

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Discrimination rampant in transgender life

[Snapshots of transgender life.
The National Transgender Center for Equality surveyed 6450 transgender individuals in the U.S. Full results available at
41% can’t change their gender on their IDs
57% were rejected by families
19% have experienced homelessness
19% were refused medical care
47% have attempted suicide

100% have my undying support, love, and respect.
If only the rest of the world could be more accepting.



shit cis people say to trans people

got all this to come!

People are really that rude/ignorant? ugh. even as a cis female I’m disgusted and disturbed to think that these things are said to trans men and women. Putting up with this nonsense is only half the battle, from what I understand.

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Help me prove this to my friend. Reblog if you wouldn’t care if your partner was trans.


I’d quite love it actually. Come let me love you.

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Ultra Violet and Candy Darling. Photo by Frank Teti / Neal Peters Collection.

A couple weeks ago my boyfriend told me that he more closely identifies as a woman. He’s more comfortable to identify as a woman than he is identifying as a man. This wasn’t really anything new to me, but I feel like sharing for anyone out there who is also experiencing gender identity anxiety (please forgive me if my terminology sounds insensitive or if it’s incorrect or something) because the beauty of my response to him (I was at work at the time and he sent me a text message) didn’t occur to me immediately.

I told him that if he ever decided to fully transition, I’d have a beautiful girlfriend. I made sure that he knew that no matter what gender he identified as, he also identifies himself as the love of my life, no matter the circumstance. I feel as if we fell a little more in love with each other that day. 

He told me that his feelings for himself would never change his feelings for me, or his attraction to me. I am completely comfortable with whatever he needs to do to make himself comfortable in his own skin. 

To anyone out there who needs a little comforting today, please know that there is someone out there who sincerely hopes that you are surrounded by people who love and support you for who you are.