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I love pin-up girls (and have always secretly wished I could be one).


My heart flutters. ♥
My sweetie will be here in a month.
This warms my heart down to the very soul of me. ♥
My sweetie’s coming to Minnesota next Saturday. ♥

Today I secured a hotel for my boyfriend and I.

Which I was very happy about, since it’s Memorial Day AND graduation weekend, so hotels are packed. I had to call about 4 different places just to get a room. I was so relieved after this event (which my mother has been pissing about, saying I had to do it now because if I waited I’d be screwed) that I had to tell my mother, who, in turn, told me that if I get raped, I’m “asking for it” because apparently I “dress like a whore”.

Never have I wanted to bitchslap someone so badly.

For being a Christian who shall not judge, she sure likes to judge.

She’s making the well-behaved god-fearing human beings in this world look like absolute monsters with her terrible, close-minded, bigoted, sexist, paranoid, and ignorant behavior. And she should be ashamed of herself.




“oh don’t mind me, just carrying my giant sweetcorn up the escalator…”

 Caption reblog :’)

That’s not how you do it. You lay it on the escalator and ride it up.

I’m trying to think of a corny quip and failing.

 Willy Ronis

No Shannon 

Damn you, Shannon.

~ Charleston’s Historic Houses Tour Booklet, 1949via Low Country Digital Library(click to enlarge)

Well look what I discovered on the highway today. Cool beans.

sweet hello

The Bridge | Gellert, Budapest, Hungary©  arminMarten

Flying down to Florida on Monday to see my sweetie!