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This should be called “foxy pieces of eyecandy in belted sweaters”. Good lord. Nothing is more amazing than a well-dressed man!


Alfred Hitchcock’s wife, Alma Reville, poses lovingly with a refrigerated prop head of her dear husband. Photo by by Philippe Halsman.
I’ll have the fruit salad and refrigerated head of Hitchcock, please.
(via: dangerousminds)

Best. wife. ever.

Best little old lady ever.

Lego synthesizers
Everything about this photo delights me. Especially the mismatched shoelaces.
This lamp is incredible.


So beautiful! They just hold so much mystery to them. I want to know where each one leads. Why aren’t keys made like this anymore?
I love how those children look so joyous and pumped to kill those flies.


Photographing while driving… Reading while driving… Talk about multitasking!
Photographer Andrew Bush, an artist who describes his car as a “tripod  on wheels,” spoke exclusively with LIFE about “Vector Portraits,” a  series of photographs of L.A. drivers. The portraits convey a sense of  both racing motion and eerie immobility, while questioning the nature of  our private and public lives.
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