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I’ve always wanted a bicycle like this. That retro charm just makes me sigh.
This just…. delights me and warms my heart. I love when people photograph vinyl. And I don’t know just why.
I love pin-up girls (and have always secretly wished I could be one).

A Hipster Jareth request from solidfoamsoul!
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I love antiques.

Floating in a sea of vinyl.

I want to drown in it.
Diana Ross & The Supremes.
This is adorable and horrifying at the same time. What really freaks me out is that it appears that the chair is staring at the doll on the bed, and the doll is staring back.

Phil Spector & The Ronettes

I love these girls. Whenever I’m sad, their music makes life worth living again.

oh my, want x’s 10! 

These are so adorable!

emotion is motion.

So beautiful.
Dates back to April 25, 2010. Another early restoration that I’m actually still pretty proud of. It’s a beautiful picture, really. It just needed a little love.

Clara Bow - c. 1920’s

Everything about this picture of Clara makes me sigh in girlish delight. Her outfit is so cute, and she’s like a gorgeous porcelain doll.
This is so cute.
So let’s have some Russell Mael. Here’s the text from the picture:

This week we fire our fiendish questions to Russell Mael of Sparks!
What makes Russell…
Cry?"When I’ve just taken a bath, and washed my hair and then I go out to the street corner to get a cab ‘cos I’ve got a photo-session or something and then it starts to pour with rain. That’s what makes me cry - honest!"
Happy?"After you’ve just heard that your record’s gone into the charts and you know that the next two months are going to be fun months…"
Interested in a girl?"She has to be good-looking and slim. Not too tall - and on the intelligent side. But not necessarily too into music ‘cos I like to get away from it sometimes!"
Tired?"After a concert, for an hour and a half you’ve been really frantic and not even thinking about being tired - and then when the show’s over it suddenly hits you and you literally collapse."
Tender?"After going out to dinner with a young lady - a lovely candle-lit meal, and you go home and it’s raining outside, and you’re all warm inside."
Excited?"Knowing that we’ve sold out a concert and that there’s going to be a lot of fans at the show that night. It’s really exciting about five minutes before we go on and you can hear the crowd stamping in the hall!"
Sentimental?"Certain places we’ve traveled to - like Paris - and some places in Germany. Sidewalk cafes and going out at eleven o’clock at night and the streets are full of people."

If anyone knows where this article came from, feel free to butt in. I had to magnify it about a dozen times to get most of the text, and what a cute little read it is!
Foxes. Click for super high-res.